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Free your mind: 2019 Essential holiday secrets!

You’re finally on holiday but your mind is stuck in the office…

There are two hemispheres in our brain; don’t get trapped on the wrong side on your holiday.

Scientifically proven to even out brain activity between our hemispheres, mindful breathing exercises restore our natural balance. [1] Gaining access to the less used right brain where we experience:

- Love

- Beauty

- Melody

- Serenity

- Joy

The left hemisphere of our glorious thinking organ works like a serial processor. Its job is to process,


process in that continuous shark-like motion.

It gives us the ability to get the job done but its circular thoughts can get stuck at full volume even when it's time to relax on holiday.

Have you ever felt like you need a holiday after your holiday?

Our quieter Right Brain isn’t given the time of day in the demanding nature of contemporary life…

Creating an imbalance as we use one hemisphere more than the other.

Non-stop bucket list holidays keeps the left brain in control, so when its time to relax we feel trapped in our own head!

To travel past the Instagram highlight reel and rediscover the secret pleasure of simplicity, mindful breathing is your one-way ticket to mental paradise.

Strolling along deserted beaches, unhindered by your thoughts, taking in the cool turquoise waters around your ankles as sand presses between your toes.’

Yeah we know! That’s the kind of mindfulness you don’t want to miss out on…

These stimulating moments forge deep neurological pathways for emotional memories and lasting experiences to great depth. If you want to get nostalgic in later life then these moments root far deeper memories than your third continuous day at the beach party numbing your mind into submission.

‘Every time you find you’ve deeply entered the moment it’s the right brain hemisphere that’s in control.’

Don’t waste the first half of your hard-earned holiday playing mental catch up!

Following guided mindful breathing videos can re-adjust your frame of mind and enrich holidays, life and pleasure to a new level.

Get your dose of head-onism here with our new guided videos;

Happy Holidays

So now you know how to create the best memories for your travel adventures and engage your holiday state of mind the moment you switch off flight mode!


Before you leave your unwanted head-lag in the departure lounge, make sure you’re tethered to your sun lounger just in case you float off.





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